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Are you a Human Resources leader looking to improve your organisation's mental health?

If so, How to Become a Mental Health Leader Within the Workplace will help you:

  • Take a strategic approach to mental health

  • Empathise with employees with mental health issues

  • Develop a management framework within which mental health interventions can sit (eg. mental health first aid, awareness, mindfulness, resilience)

  • Develop a pro-mental health culture

  • By giving you plenty of management methods, tools and ideas

  • Identify how to include mental health in employee engagement activity

  • Understand various ways of measuring mental health performance

  • Minimise legal risks, especially related to mental health negligence

  • Comply with health and safety law as it relates to mental health

  • Prepare for ISO 45003 (psychological health and safety)

How to Become a Mental Health Leader Within the Workplace aims to bring about a seismic change in the mental health of your employees, which in turn could lead to increased employee wellbeing, improved productivity, increased employee loyalty and reduced sickness absence. Watch out for the book this summer.

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